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"Are your triggers for Canik a drop in installation ?"

 We do NOT guarantee that our Canik triggers are a drop in installation and fitting might be required for your gun. In most cases they will, but due to variations in tolerances of certain parts, fitting by your gunsmith could be necessary.  However, we are aware that it is difficult to offer a high performance trigger that will drop in every single gun , especially with the reduced operating envelope of our triggers. So we have engineered the trigger to be optimized for certain variances in the guns. Qualified gunsmith installation is absolutely required for your safety, the protection of your firearm and for proper tuning if it is required.  The trigger bar (or action bar) can vary in thickness . Our first generation Canik triggers utilized a trigger bar slot that was wide enough to fit even the thickest bars. But the problem with that is if a customer's gun had a very narrow bar, it would tend to be a sloppy fit. So without knowing the thickness of a customer's trigger bar, it was necessary to make the slot narrow to  accommodate the narrowest bars.  A gun with a thicker trigger bar will need the slot tuned for the wider bar by simple use of a thin file by a gunsmith removing a slight amount of material from an engineered bump on the inner (towards center) side of the slot until the fitment is achieved. Further fitting techniques if required are shown in the illustration to the left. None of this is rocket science and is easily performed single surface fitting that a qualified gunsmith can do during the installation of the trigger.

For Springfield triggers, remove material under this tab for pre travel increase

"Does your trigger color match the color of my accessories ?"

All of our products are sulfuric acid anodized for a finish over the aluminum. The colors vary from one batch to the next. Also dyeing the colors is not an exact science. The photos in the website also may depict different colors due to lighting or reflections.

"Your trigger won't fit my gun, you sent me the wrong trigger."

Please verify that you ordered the exact trigger for the gun that you needed a trigger for. The triggers are absolutely not interchangeable among the brand of a gun. Each specific model requires its own trigger regardless  if it is for the same brand of gun.  Also a failure to fit can be caused by an improper installation.  All of the triggers should go into the gun freely or it is not being installed correctly and is out of proper alignment. Extra tuning could be required to properly fit the trigger to your gun. 

"Do you ship internationally ?" No

do you have a trigger that fits my Canik SA MOD 2 ?

"Do you have a trigger for my Canik SA mod2 ?"

Yes we do. Any trigger that we offer as fitting the SFX models will also fit your SA Mod 2.  But we do NOT offer a trigger for the non Mod 2 SA pistols.

"Do you ship internationally

We do not offer international shipping.

"Do your triggers work with my Springfield upgrade kit ?"

NO !  We design around known factory geometry only !

"How hard is it to install one of your triggers ?"

It totally depends on the gun and the person doing the installation. XD (XDM) triggers typically take less than five minutes to install. XDS can require 90 minutes or more due to the complicated nature of the design. Canik will depend on the experience and/or ability of your installer. Some report doing it in 15 minutes. Others need all day. Please have a qualified gunsmith do your Canik trigger installation. Taurus is relatively complex and need caution to avoid the loss of pins, detent balls and springs. For reasons of varying degrees of complexity and safety we always stress that installations be done by a qualified gunsmith.

"Can you tell me the differences in your Canik trigger ?" A basic description for our available triggers for the Canik would be; Fat Daddy and Fat Daddy ll are wide, flat triggers for target, pinking or general use (not recommended for rapid fire competition events where the wide surface can be a hindrance to depressing the safety as some tend to pull from the side of the trigger in an effort to get that first shot on target at the expense of proper finger placement). They measure a very wide .421 . Only difference is the two additional angles on the FDII which aid in repeating the finger placement. Racer & Champion for competition that requires fast access to the drop safety lever by utilizing relief cuts on the sides. Also .421 top and bottom, narrow in the middle Again only difference is the two angles added to the Champion. Vanguard = more narrow face (@.375) for those that do not desire the wider Fat Daddy or also helpful for shorter fingers. Otherwise they are identical in other features. The EDC simply has more pre travel for those that desire it for an Every Day Carry gun. Our available inventory is on the website under the category for the specific model of Canik that you have. (They are not interchangeable between all models.) Then there are obviously color choices to choose from.

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