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Originator of the flat trigger for Springfield XD line of pistols

Originator of flat triggers for Taurus PT111 G2 & Slim


We are engaged in niche manufacturing. Filling a void by providing quantities of items that might not otherwise be produced. Evolving and innovating.

Originator of the flat trigger for Canik pistols, which greatly reduces pre travel.

Originator of the flat trigger shoe for the AR15 mil spec trigger

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Frequently asked questions


"Are your triggers for Canik a drop in installation ?"

In some cases, yes. However, we are aware that it is difficult to offer a high performance trigger that will drop in every single gun. We do not guarantee that our Canik triggers will be a "drop in" part. There are occasional variables such as wear, bent parts or parts that are out of tolerance range that are required to function in the greatly reduced operating envelope of the new trigger. Some customers have bent action bars removing the old trigger or attaching the new trigger because of a hurried installation or lack of proper fixture support causing a dimension change that can place the trigger in a bind. So we have designed our triggers to allow for tuning if it is required so that each application can have optimum performance. Qualified gunsmith installation is absolutely required for your safety, the protection of your firearm and for proper tuning if it is required. Do not purchase this trigger if you are not prepared to do fitting if it is necessary. 

For Springfield triggers, remove material under this tab for pre travel increase

"Does your trigger color match the color of my accessories ?"

All of our products are sulfuric acid anodized for a finish over the aluminum. The colors vary from one batch to the next. Also dyeing the colors is not an exact science. The photos in the website also may be different colors due to lighting or reflections.

"Your trigger won't fit my gun, you sent me the wrong trigger."

Please verify that you ordered the exact trigger for the gun that you needed a trigger for. The triggers are absolutely not interchangeable among the brand of a gun. Each specific model requires its own trigger regardless  if it is for the same brand of gun.  Also a failure to fit can be caused by an improper installation.  Such as trying to force a trigger into place. All of the triggers should go into the gun freely or it is not being installed correctly and is out of proper alignment. Extra tuning could be required to properly fit the trigger to your gun. See tuning instructions above.

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"My buddy said your trigger made the pull weight go up two pounds"

Totally false. It seems that some people confuse the huge amount of non tensioned factory pre travel as being trigger pull weight. The point of break is still the same poundage as before. Our trigger only replaces the interface that your finger touches. And no springs are changed or anything inside the action of the gun. The new trigger uses the same hole positions as the factory one. Only the greatly reduced length of travel and a flat face have changed. So if your buddy truly has an increased pull weight then he has some other issue other than the trigger. Such as a return spring not installed correctly or binding. Or action bar that is rubbing or hanging somewhere. The pull weight is determined by the return spring, safety plunger spring and friction of moving parts inside the action. Even if you remove the trigger completely you would still have the same pull weight since in these guns the trigger is only a shoe and does not directly engage the sear or striker assembly in the rear of the gun. In other words you can not change the pull weight on these striker fired guns simply by swapping the trigger shoe. If you carved one from a piece of wood it would still not make any difference. Perceived pull is determined by the person pulling the trigger. And that differs from person to person and where you pull from on the trigger (high or low, which could be done on a stock or an aftermarket trigger). A trigger gauge shows pounds of pull, but must be pulling from the exact same spot for comparison sake as the trigger is a lever and pressure varies according to where it is measured on any lever.

"Do you ship internationally ?"

We do not offer international shipping.

"Do your triggers work with my Springfield upgrade kit ?"

NO !  We design around known factory geometry only !

"How hard is it to install one of your triggers ?"

It totally depends on the gun and the person doing the installation. XD (XDM) triggers typically take less than five minutes to install. XDS can require 90 minutes or more due to the complicated nature of the design. Canik will depend on the experience and/or ability of your installer. Some report doing it in 15 minutes. Others need all day. Please have a qualified gunsmith do your Canik trigger installation. Taurus is relatively complex and need caution to avoid the loss of pins, detent balls and springs. For reasons of varying degrees of complexity and safety we always stress that installations be done by a qualified gunsmith.

"I read on the internet that your Canik triggers only work on the SFX model."

There is a lot of false information on the internet about many things. Social media is notorious for starting and spreading rumors.  We have measured and recorded every dimension in all the Canik guns for a CAD database that can disprove that statement. The parts pertaining to the firing controls are identical dimensionaly among the SF series guns. So there is nothing to cause the trigger to function differently in the SFX. Especially since it shares a frame and lower assembly pieces with some of the other models in the lineup. 

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